Sad but true: Due to The Virus Splendor had to cancel the Rubatong CD-release concert on April 1rst. Those that have already bought a ticket, please contact Splendor.
Those that are at home wondering what to do: enjoy Rubatong on cd or through Spotify!
Those looking forward to see Rubatong live: we'll keep you posted!
Hang on!

Incapable to shut up or give in, Rubatong re-enters the public domain with a new guitarist and a set of home grown music.

What remains is a taste of unruly blues, irregular songs, fueled by touches of improv and the contemporary. Reinforced here is the urge to develop a next generation of provocative rhythm and mood.

Founded in 2006, Rubatong has since played numerous club- and festivalgigs throughout Europe. Mainly touring in the jazz and improvised music circuit, the quartet was often announced as ‘the almost rockband’.  It has nevertheless preserved its freedom to explore every musical option regardless of its stylistic laws and preoccupations.

Though the bands formation was initiated by singer Han Buhrs, Rubatong musically operates as a collective.  Its stylistic versatility is best illustrated by the roots and bankgrounds of the line up: Tatiana Koleva, a percussionist who is usually engaged in performing the sophisticated precision of contemporary classical music,  new guitarist Thijs Elzinga, mostly played in a wide range of psycho-rockbands and blues combinations varying from country style to the acid approach, Luc Ex, an improvising bassist that once started off playing punk (The Ex). Han Buhrs is a vocalist that will tempt anything between raw throat sounds and singable language.